One Of Chicago’s Corrupt Ex-Teamster Bosses May Cop A Plea


A one-time ally of top Teamster boss James Hoffa, as well as one of Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s corrupt Ex-Teamster boss buddies, John Coli, Sr., may cop a plea with prosecutors on charges that he extorted $325,000 from a now-bankrupt film company.

Corrupt Ex-Teamster Boss, John Coli, Sr. Source:

Former Chicago Teamster boss, John Coli, Sr., who faces decades in prison if he is found guilt of extortion charges, is in plea talks with prosecutors, according to

Former Chicago Teamsters boss John Coli Sr. is engaged in “ongoing plea negotiations” on federal charges that he extorted $325,000 from the Windy City’s largest film studio, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office. Coli was indicted last summer on charges of extortion “by the wrongful use of fear of economic loss from threatened work stoppages and other labor unrest unless such payments were made” (read that superseding indictment here).

“Coli became president of Chicago Teamsters Local 727 on July 1, 2011,” notes, “after spending nearly two years as its vice president. He became secretary-treasurer – the union’s top post – on July 13, 2017 – the day after he originally was indicted.”

While Coli Sr. was in charge of the Chicago branch of the Teamsters, he also steered millions of dollars worth of Teamsters-related business to his son’s law firm.

There have been no formal charges filed over the nepotism, however.


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