UAW Convention Cheered When Told Trump Support Comes From ‘White Nationalist Fears’


Unions and their allies on the Left have accused President Donald Trump of being a racist and, by extension, so are his supporters, according to a speaker at the UAW Convention last week.

The Rev. Dr. William Barber at the 2018 UAW Convention. Source: United Auto Workers

The scandal-plagued United Auto Workers (UAW), which spent over $13 million backing failed-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, held its convention in Detroit last week.

In addition to its electing new leaders and perhaps in an effort to turn the headlines away from its having recently been labeled, along with Fiat-Chrysler, as ‘co-conspirators‘ in an embezzlement case with broad ramification for the union, the UAW chose to invite speakers who took aim at the Trump administration.

In at least one case, one of the UAW’s guest speakers stated that Trump and—by extension, his supporters—are white nationalists.

via the Marxist publication People’s World:

DETROIT—Republican President Donald Trump’s racist stands, remarks and tweets are “just a symptom” of white nationalist fears – which have been going for decades – that “the other America” of “the rejected” is increasing in strength and will rise up to take back the country, the Rev. William Barber says.

In a stem-winding combination speech and sermon to the United Auto Workers convention in Detroit, the North Carolina pastor said that other America includes women, blacks, browns, Native Americans, Asians, LGBTQ people and – most important for the crowd – union members.

Their fear is that if brown folk from Mexico hook up with black folks and union folks and progressive white folks, that’s changing the electorate” and “would change America.” That fear, he said “is racism.” It’s directed against “the rejected,” unionists included, who should mobilize to take the country back.

Barber got cheers when he pointed out the same right-wing forces that suppress minorities and deny their voting rights pass right-to-work laws, scheme to destroy unions and otherwise suppress workers. [Emphasis added.]

Barber, who is a Protestant minister and strong advocate for unions, along with union bosses from the SEIU and others, are spearheading the so-called “Poor People’s Campaign“—which has a list of “demands” that is closely aligned with socialist ideology.

The UAW, in recapping Barber’s speech on its website, seemed to downplay Rev. Barber’s inflammatory language, not mentioning Trump or white nationalism at all.

The problem with Barber’s rhetoric, however, is that, by implication, he is also calling many UAW voters who voted against Hillary Clinton white nationalists as well.


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