In Janus Aftermath, Government Workers Get Help In Exercising Rights

Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to free government workers from the obligation to pay union fees, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has set up to assist government workers.

Image Source: NY Post

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, the organization that assisted Mark Janus, the government worker who sued AFSCME in Janus v. AFSCME and won at the U.S. Supreme Court in late June, has launched a website to assist government workers in exercising their legal rights.

The website,, offers both union members, as well as non-members information regarding their rights to refrain from paying union fees, including an online form for government workers to fill out.

“If you believe you are a union member and want to resign and take full advantage of your Janus rights not to fund a union,” the website states, “you should send the union member sample letter to your union and employer demanding that they honor your Janus rights.”

The website then goes on to state:

If either your resignation or dues deduction revocation is not honored within a few weeks or you receive a negative response to your demand letter, please contact a National Right To Work Legal Defense Foundation staff attorney for advice how to deal with the violation of your First Amendment rights. You can contact us toll free at 1-800-336-3600, or via email to, or by clicking here.

Similarly, the New York Post reports that a group in New York is launching a campaign to educate government workers about their Janus rights to opt out of paying union dues as well.

The group, New Choice NY, is now advising union members of their right to stop paying regular dues, as well non-union members who had been forced to cough up so-called “agency” fees.

“Want to exercise your right to stop paying dues? Use this form,” the group, an affiliate of Americans for Fair Treatment, proclaims on its website in guiding government workers how to quit their unions.

Union leaders are prepared though.

“This is very much a ‘who are you with?’ moment — are you with the brothers and sisters in the ­labor movement or are you with the bosses who are trying to kill us?” Transport Workers Union President John Samuelsen told the Post.

Supreme Court ruling could cost NY unions $112M a year

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