A Union Boss Has 16 ‘Assistants’ Who Were Paid Up To $400,000 Last Year


With only 51,002 members nationwide, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers is one of the smallest unions in the AFL-CIO. Yet, its president, Newton Jones, is one of the highest paid union bosses in the United States.

Moreover, even though the union president has 16 ‘assistants’ who are paid from a low of $89,664 to a high of $416,326, he isn’t even the highest paid officer in the Boilermakers’ union.

A boilermaker’s work is hard, hot, and often dangerous.

While the average hourly wage for a Boilermaker is $27.76 per hour in the United States, according to payscale.com, Jones, as the president of International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, was paid $322.89 per hour based on his 2017 compensation of $672,620.

However, even at that compensation level, Jones was not the highest-paid officer in the Boilermakers’ union, according to the union’s records at the U.S. Department of Labor.

The distinction of having the highest paid in the Boilermaker’s union goes to Dale Haggerty, Jr., an International Vice President in the union. His compensation in 2017 was $797,226.

But that’s not all.

In addition to having some of the highest-paid officers in the labor movement, the Boilermakers’ union employed 16 ‘assistants’ who were paid between $89,664 and $416,326 in 2017.

Of course, all of these union salaries are paid for by the union dues paid by the union’s members.

Back in 2012, the Boilermakers’ union came under scrutiny for paying its officers lavish salaries and expensive perks.

At the time, the Kansas City Star noted:

  • While few other unions still own planes, the Boilermakers partially own two, paying a half million dollars last year for maintenance and fees. When they travel on commercial flights, officers can go first-class.
  • Once they arrive, officers may enjoy memorable experiences — exclusive pheasant hunting expeditions, fly-fishing adventures in Alaska, stays in Paris and on Marco Island, Fla.
  • Some officers can supplement their union salaries with pay from the union’s own bank. At least two have made as much as an additional quarter million dollars a year.
  • And once their careers are over, retiring officers drive away in gift cars.

Although the union cleaned up its spending for a few years, by last year “things appear to have returned to business as usual,” according to a 2017 report in the KC Star.

Six-figure salaries for officers and their relatives. Fine dining, stays in posh hotels and expensive hunting retreats. Cars as parting gifts for retired employees, and hundreds of thousands spent on promotional events and videos. All while membership continues its downward spiral and the pension fund struggles to stay afloat.

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  1. Pitiful, absolutely ludicrous that these non conscious useless so called union brothers can sleep at night, knowing that they are living the posh lifestyle, while signing maintenance contracts that are clawing back our wages that make us real Boilermakers, work more months with longer hours to make the same money we did in years past. Sure wish these pitiful pukes would lead by example and take a paycut like they forced down the throats Of the members that pay union dues that these leeches live off.

    • After 37yrs of service…fighting the fight……& getting force fed pathetic contracts……. This is not what was i was fighting for……A Total Fucking embarrassment . Democratic ..my ass…it’s become an Imperialist Realm . Nothing more than a bunch of “good ol’ boys club” . Greedy bastards who are nothing short of parasites.

  2. What do you people think, that your better than the people who supports your out rages salaries. You sit in your lavish offices doing what for the for the members that really count. When our insurance sucks along with our leadership.

  3. Where do these people get of excepting cars that us the Union Boilermakers pay for. We the workers have to pay for our own vehicles and insurance. But we struggle to make 40to60k a year. So let’s stand together, and revoked as practice of giving Vehicles out. If you agree with me, get back with a reply

    • If somebody doesn’t nominate Bryan Nolan for business manager of local 1 I will. It’s time to clean up Kansas City starting with Chicago!!! Bryan Nolan 2020!

      • Bryan Nolan is no stranger to how things work…… I’ve had the pleasure of working with him not too long ago. We both know what it’s going to take to change things….
        That’s about all I can say on this platform.

  4. No problem for me,
    what the news fails to report is,
    these leaders help establish lifestyles we as Union members enjoy during our career and also during retirement.
    No other union has pensions close to what we have.
    I retired at 58 years old with a $400,000 annuity and a nice
    $5,000 dollars a Month check and still young enough to

  5. What did you think they did with your dues? Any of you ever been on strike? What was your strike pay? About enough for a bottle of milk? You’ve slready said your contracts were getting worse and your out of pocket more. All dues do is keep your big wigs in fine things and partying in Washington. Look at Rich Trumka….none of these birds has your best interest at heart. Quicker you recognize that sooner you’ll take control of your own destiny. Theee guys don’t give a shat

  6. yeah we they need to stop getting a lavish cars and and hunting and all that and by God they need to get our insurance and stuff like that in order in a year you’re right we sure need you to stand together and stop the nonsense these cars and stuff.

  7. keep paying those dues boys! Newton has bills to pay for god sakes. But make sure and work with no sub and could you cut your wages down some more. Better for the contractor to compete that way. Wages go down, dues and pension go up and percentages on returns go down. No wonder everybody is quitting.


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