$9 Million In Bribes Kept UAW Bosses ‘Fat, Dumb & Happy’

Former UAW President Dennis Williams allegedly told staff to use money from training center fund to pay for union travel. Source: ABQ Journal

For the last year, UAW bosses have been embroiled in a multi-million dollar scandal that seems to continuing to grow wider and wider.

Although, for more than a year, we’ve been covering the UAW’s bribery scandal—in which UAW bosses at Fiat-Chrysler were bribed with millions of dollars to stay “fat, dumb and happy”—the scandal continues to grow.

Most recently, even the union’s recently retired president, Dennis Williams, was implicated in the scandal.

LaborPains.org has a good synopsis:

In Detroit, allegations in the ongoing corruption case between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the United Autoworkers (UAW) have gone all the way up to the top. Several high ranking union officials have been charged with misusing funds that were intended for the UWA training facility.

For over eight years, FCA funneled more than $9 million through UAW training centers. The automakers are charged with corrupting contract negotiations by bribing union officials– who accepted gifts including expensive jewelry, vacations, and “a $30,000 party for a UAW official, complete with ultra-premium booze, $7,000 worth of cigars and $3,000 in wine with custom labels honoring the union boss.” A recent plea agreement made by Nancy Adams Johnson– the second highest ranking official in the union’s Fiat Chrysler Department– implicated retired UAW President Dennis Williams in the scandal.

Where this ends is anyone’s guess.

However, it is quite possible that federal oversight may be an option—much like when the feds were ridding the Teamsters of mob influence.



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