AFL-CIO Faces A Strike After Taking Benefits From Its Workers And Imposing A Contract

Image Credit: National Public Radio

The AFL-CIO, the federation of 55 unions, is facing a strike as ‘management’ is accused of imposing a contract consisting of wage freezes and benefit take-aways on is unionized workforce.

On Tuesday, union members who work for the AFL-CIO voted unanimously to go out on strike after AFL-CIO ‘management’ implemented a contract that included wage freezes and took away benefits from the unionized workers.

via Bloomberg Business:

On Tuesday, AFL-CIO employees represented by the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU), unanimously voted to authorize a strike. The vote by union members, including about 50 janitors, secretaries and accountants for the AFL-CIO, empowers union leaders to set a date for a walkout.

OPEIU said the vote followed AFL-CIO management’s decision to impose a new contract that employees had unanimously rejected. Its terms included reduced sick leave, no wage increases and weakened layoff protections.

If a company tried to force a contract like this, we believe that the AFL-CIO would deplore the company as anti-union,” the union said in a recent statement on its website. “If we agree to this contract, we are signaling to every other union out there that they should accept those terms from their employers. [Emphasis added.]”

To make matters worse for the AFL-CIO, the Communications Workers of America’s Washington-Baltimore NewsGuild stated that most of its 125 members at the AFL-CIO will honor the OPEIU’s strike and refuse to work.

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