Watch Union Members March On The ‘Anti-Union’ AFL-CIO

AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington D.C. | Matt Popovich/Wikipedia (CC)

The AFL-CIO is embroiled in a labor dispute with its own unionized workers and union members have been marching outside the union federation. Here are the videos.

Accused of being ‘anti-union,’ the AFL-CIO is facing a strike by its unionized janitors, secretaries and accountants for implementing its “last, best and final offer”—which included wage freezes and a reduction of sick leave—on its workforce (see the full list below).

The protesting union, Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 2 (OPEIU), is airing its grievances against the labor federation publicly on its website under a banner that boldly states, ‘The AFL-CIO is Anti-Union.’

Screenshot of OPEIU website

Over the last few weeks, the OPEIU has conducted protests outside the AFL-CIO’s headquarters in Washington.

On Thursday, the union workers protested again.

Screenshot of OPEIU website

This video clip is of the OPEIU protest on Oct. 4, 2018 (via OPEIU):

These are videos of the OPIEU’s protest on September 27, 2018 (via OPEIU):

Here is the broader list of issues the OPEIU has with the AFL-CIO’s “last, best and final offer”:

  • Enables management to force unlimited furloughs (i.e. at any point, management can choose the number of employees to work, the number of days and the number of hours per days)
  • Eliminates layoff protection for 73% of its employees
  • Eliminates bumping rights of employees
  • Eliminates surplusing rights of employees
  • Reduces layoff notice time to employees
  • Eliminates review of financial benchmarks with the Union when a reduction in positions may occur
  • Caps severance, which affects 66% of the unit
  • Increases weekly hours without compensation
  • Provides a zero percent wage increase
  • Restricts applying to other positions within the organization
  • Increases probationary period
  • Significantly cut sick leave

As the OPIEU has already voted to go out on strike against the AFL-CIO, that may be the next step for the union.



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