NLRB Chairman Slams Claims Labor Board Is Withholding Joint-Employer Docs


A fight over the NLRB’s rule making on “joint employer” spilled onto Twitter on Tuesday, when the NLRB chairman, John Ring, lashed out at unknown person(s) accusing the NLRB of withholding information.

A feud between Democrat politicians and the Trump-appointed chairman of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) over the Board’s proposed rule-making on so-called “joint employer” appears to have gone even more public on Tuesday, when Chairman John Ring slammed unnamed accusers on Twitter of making “absolutely false” claims that the NLRB is withholding information from Congress.

On Tuesday afternoon, NLRB Chairman Ring, in three separate tweets, stated on Twitter:

Claims the NLRB is withholding info from Congress on joint-employer rulemaking are absolutely false (and knowingly reported incorrectly). [Emphasis added.]

NLRB would have provided same info if requested by subpoena. We can’t provide info we don’t possess. [Emphasis added.]

Joint-employer rulemaking remains on track in compliance with all reg requirements. Will not be derailed by attempts to create political distractions. [Emphasis added.]

Although it is unclear who exactly Ring is directing his tweets at, it appears that he is directing his ire at Democratic lawmakers’ aides.

The fight over the NLRB’s proposal to re-make the “joint employer” rules has become a hot topic for the business community and, as well, union-backed politicians who want to keep the Obama-era, pro-union rules the same.

Under the Obama-era NLRB, the labor board, reversing decades of precedent, ruled that two companies can be considered “joint employers” if one has indirect control or rights of control over the other firm’s employees, even if those rights are never exercised.

As this often involves staff leasing companies and franchisees, the Obama-era decision was a huge win for unions like the SEIU, which has spent tens of millions of dollars trying to unionize fast-food workers.

The SEIU’s strategy was largely dependent on the NLRB ruling that McDonalds, and other franchisors, were “joint employers” with its franchisees (as opposed to single employers) and, as a result, the entire company (and its franchises) could be subject to broad-based rulings by the NLRB.

If the NLRB succeeds in returning the “joint employer” standard to pre-Obama era standards, the SEIU and other unions will have wasted millions of their members’ dues and be set back years.

As a result, union-backed politicians like Elizabeth Warren [D-MA] and others have done all they can to stymie the NLRB’s Trump-appointed members.


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