Greedy Union Bosses’ Hypocrisy Gets Roasted In Wall Street Journal


The AFL-CIO and SEIU bosses’ hypocritical treatment of their own workers gets some much-deserved coverage in the Wall Street Journal.

We’ve covered the union dispute (here and here) that is currently going on at the AFL-CIO’s headquarters in Washington, DC, where the union federation’s unionized employees are accusing their union bosses of being “anti-union.”

Weighing in on the union dispute, yesterday’s Wall Street Journal pointed to the hypocrisy of both the AFL-CIO and the SEIU bosses’ treatment of their own workers.

But now the OPEIU accuses both the AFL-CIO and SEIU of some richsplaining. The office proletariat says the AFL-CIO is trying to force on them a new contract that would freeze worker pay for three years, reduce sick leave and weaken seniority protections. They also say the SEIU and its pension fund haven’t given them a wage increase or cost of living boost in two years. While the SEIU spent $21.6 million on non-union consultants in 2017, the OPEIU says, it’s balked at a $150,000 cost of living adjustment for its office workers.

At a recent protest outside the AFL-CIO in Washington, OPEIU workers carried signs saying “AFL-CIO is anti-union.” A letter of support from Iowa state representative Bruce Hunter dropped the ultimate in labor insults when he accused the AFL-CIO of behaving like . . . Walmart . Ouch.

We leave it to the OPEIU and its union employers to sort out their contracts, but perhaps the labor chiefs could start by treating their own workers with more dignity. [Emphasis added.]

Ouch indeed.

Read the entire WSJ article here.

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