Longshore Union Sued For Millions For No-Show Jobs, Fraud & More


It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from the International Longshore and Warehouse Union on the West Coast. But a Oregon company is now suing for the union and it’s members for millions.

The last time the ILWU made national headlines it more than five years ago and the union was embroiled in a bitter and violent labor dispute with United Grain Corporation–a wheat exporter that runs a terminal in Vancouver, Washington.

Now, though, Columbia Export Terminal is suing the radical union, seeking to recover $15,934,881, as well as punitive damages from both the ILWU Locals 8 and 92, as well as more than 150 individual workers for inflating their time cards for more than four years, according to the Oregonian.

Union workers loading grain for international shipping at the Port of Portland’s Terminal 5 inflated their own time cards and those of colleagues for more than four years, costing their employer, Columbia Export Terminal, more than $5 million, a federal lawsuit alleges.

The suit filed by Columbia Export Terminal claims members of International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s Local 8 and Local 92 engaged in racketeering by conspiring to over bill their employer.

According to the suit, some workers submitted time sheets for employees who didn’t work and weren’t even at Terminal 5. Others split shifts, with one person working half a shift and another the other half but both submitting time sheets falsely indicating they had worked full shifts. Others didn’t show up at all but their co-workers submitted time sheets showing the absent employee worked a full shift.

Read the rest at the Oregonian.

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