Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Staff Just Unionized With The UFCW


…and he’s happy about it.

From Politico:

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign announced Friday it will be the first major presidential campaign to have a unionized workforce, as party activists push Democratic candidates to mirror their progressive platforms within their own campaigns.

“Bernie Sanders is the most pro-union candidate in the field, he’ll be the most pro-union president in the White House and we’re honored that his campaign will be the first to have a unionized workforce,” Sanders’ campaign manager, Faiz Shakir, said in a statement.

Over the past week, a majority of the staff’s bargaining unit employees designated United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400 to represent them. The campaign stayed neutral during organizing efforts and voluntarily recognized the union once a majority of staffers signed union cards, according to both the campaign and the union. [Emphasis added.]

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  1. What will happen to the unionized staff of Bernie Sanders if he is voted out of office? Will the Union provide new positions for the staff? The Member of Congress ( Senator or Congressperson ) has
    complete, 100% control over his or her staff and no Union Stewart or Rep will be allowed to enforce
    Union rules in the Congressional Office especially if it’s a difference in agreeance with the Senator or


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