NYC Mayor Says A New President Should Pass Card Check [EFCA] Immediately


CONCORD, NH—With an already crowded Democratic field running for President in 2020, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was in New Hampshire on Sunday, also reportedly mulling a run for President.

To a handful of people in a second-floor private room of a Concord restaurant, de Blasio compared former-President Barack Obama to Franklin Roosevelt, stating that Obama’s early days in office were “a lost window.”

[Mayor] de Blasio promoted 2009’s Employee Free Choice Act as the kind of legislation worth pursuing by a new president, which raised another matter critical of Obama. The proposed law would have made it easier for workers to join unions, but it became one of labor’s grievances against Obama when he didn’t press for its passage as Democrats controlled Congress — the same period in which he pushed for the health care law.

I would argue, we won’t be fooled again,” he said. “Employee Free Choice Act, or something like it, should be one of the very first things, because, grab that opportunity for structural change. Put that as a foothold, and a whole bunch of other things start to open up based on that.” [Emphasis added.]


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