UPS Teamsters Launch Petition Drive To Stop Contract Implementation

Source: Teamsters for a Democratic Union

Members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters who work for UPS have launched a petition drive to stop the Teamsters from implementing the UPS contract on members, over their votes to reject the contract, according to a post on the Teamsters for a Democratic Union’s website.

The petition drive comes after Teamster leaders invoked a special clause in the union’s international constitution that gives the union the authority to implement a contract, despite a majority of voting members rejecting the contract.

Last year, Teamster union leaders angered many of their members who work at UPS by accepting the company’s offer over their members’ wishes.

Source: Teamsters for a Democratic Union

Since that time, several local and regional supplemental agreements have also been voted on and rejected by union members and, while some have been implemented by Teamster leaders, others have not as more members have voted and negated the implementation loophole in the Teamsters rules.

As a result, UPS employees see a possible opening to stop the entire contract from being implemented, and are petitioning the Teamsters General Executive Board (GEB) to “block the imposition of these contracts and support the locals and members in winning a satisfactory settlement and prompt ratification”

“The national contract cannot go into effect until all of the supplements are ratified,” stated the TDU on its website.

This puts members’ back pay on hold. But it also means UPS can’t implement cost-saving concessions like 22.4 drivers. That gives our union leverage to settle the rejected supplements on fair terms.

“Several GEB members have already pledged to vote against imposing the contract,” according to the TDU. “There are 23 members of the General Executive Board, so 12 votes will be needed.”

A view of the petition can be found here.

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