Elon U: SEIU ‘Stalked, Bullied and Outright Lied’ in Recent Campaign


The NLRB’s election was “tainted through interference and coercion by the SEIU,” says Elon U.

ELON, NC—On March 12, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) conducted an election amongst the faculty at Elon University.

Of the 200 faculty members who voted, 112 voted for representation by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), 68 voted against and another 20 ballots were challenged—83 did not vote at all.

Ordinarily, this would be a simple victory for the SEIU. However, Elon University has filed six objections to the election, claiming the election was “tainted through interference and coercion by the SEIU,” according to the Times-News.

Specifically, Elon U alleges, SEIU organizers:

  • posed as students to gain access to faculty conversations;
  • promised ballots only to those who favored the union;
  • coerced faculty members into supporting the SEIU with false information; and
  • generally undermined Elon’s representative and transparent shared governance system.

Additionally, according to a letter Provost Steven House sent to faculty and staff, SEIU organizers stalked, bullied and outright lied to Elon faculty members.

“Over many months, we received complaints that SEIU recruiters sought out specific faculty and approached many of them without advance notice, catching them by surprise in hallways, during their office hours and even appearing at their homes on weekends,” House wrote. “Some faculty members reported feeling stalked and unsafe when organizers appeared repeatedly and sometimes refused to leave.”

At this point, the NLRB will not certify the election until it investigates Elon U’s objections, which could result in dismissal or further litigation, which could include hearings and potential appeals.

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