A NLRB Employee Filed A Charge Against The NLRB


It’s not every day you see unfair labor practice charges filed against the NLRB accusing the agency charged with enforcing the law with violating the law.

It occasionally comes as a shock to those involved in labor controversies that many of the employees employed by the National Labor Relations Board, the “neutral” agency charged with enforcing the National Labor Relations Act, are themselves members of a union—aptly named the National Labor Relations Board Union.

In fact, every so often disputes will arise between the NLRB and its unionized staff.

However, it is not often that labor observers will see actual charges filed at the NLRB that are filed against the NLRB.

But, there is always a first time

Source: National Labor Relations Board

Although the above charge was filed against the National Labor Relations Board by a NLRB employee for alleged “Coercive Statements” (i.e., “Threats, Promises of Benefits, etc.”), as well as “Changes in Terms and Conditions of Employment,” there are no other details provided.

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  1. Since they are federal employees, all charges must be filed with the FLRA, where such charges go to die. They should have filed a grievance!


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