Indiana Regional Medical Center Implements Its Final Offer

Indiana Regional Medica Center RNs picketing in November. Source:

INDIANA, PA—After 26 negotiating sessions, the Indiana Regional Medical Center (in Pennsylvania) has implemented its “last, best and final offer,” according the Indiana Gazette.

The contract between the medical center and the Indiana Regional Nurses Association, a branch of PSEA-Healthcare, expired on October 31.

After months of negotiations, the medical center presented the union with its with its “last, best and final offer” in February.

On Monday, IRMC negotiators met with the union and, following that meeting, the medical center declared impasse and its intention to implement its offer.

“After contemplating the union’s regressive position on Monday evening, it became clear that we saw no other option than to implement these changes,” hospital spokesman Mark Richards wrote in a news release.

“The union’s position is that we do not believe impasse has been reached,” said Annie Briscoe, a regional advocacy coordinator of PA State Education Association. IRNA is affiliated with PSEA-Healthcare.

“The hospital has continued to steadily reject our counter proposals, one right after the other. We believe there is still room for both sides to come closer toward an agreement and it’s disappointing that IRMC does not feel the same. Any accusation that the union engaged in regressive bargaining is simply not accurate.”

The terms of the medical center’s final offer will go in effect on April 7.


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