Teamsters Making McGriddle Sandwiches for McDonald’s Reject Contract Offer

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Although the workers authorized the Teamsters to call them out on strike, that may not happen immediately, according to the union.

LOUISVILLE, KY—On Wednesday, approximately 265 workers who make McDonald’s McGriddle sandwiches and other frozen products rejected a contract offer from their employer Conagra, according to WDRB News.

The workers, represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, authorized the union to call them out on strike. However, that may not happen immediately.

The the union will keep talking with Conagra during a 60-day “cooling-off period,” according to Teamsters Local 783 president John Stovall.

Conagra’s proposal would have resulted in higher health insurance costs while failing to address workers’ concerns about forced overtime and double shifts, Stovall stated.

The plant is one of Conagra’s 33 production facilities in the U.S., according to WRDB.

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