Machinists Union Protests Nationwide As American Airlines Negotiations Stall


American Airlines’ unionized mechanics protested over what the union claims are concessions the company is allegedly demanding.

PHOENIX, AZ—Unionized mechanics working for American Airlines were protesting in Charlotte, Philadelphia, Boston and Phoenix on Thursday to protest what their union calls “substandard and regressive contract proposals.”

“We are protesting American Airlines’ substandard and regressive contract proposals for fleet service and maintenance-related work groups,” said Jason Kammer, President of the Sky Harbor lodge 2559 for the International Association of Machinist and Aerospace Workers in Phoenix.

As a result of the merger between American Airlines and America West, the International Association of Machinists and the Transport Workers Union negotiate contracts jointly for mechanics and fleet service workers.

According to the union’s website, the company is demanding concessions from its mechanics and also wants to outsource work.

“We paid the price to save our companies and create the environment for the merger that formed the largest airline in the world,” the union states. “We will not sell out, we will not concede more.”

In Phoenix, protesters carried signs and chanted, “No contract, no peace,” as cars drove by and airline passengers rolled their luggage past.

Meanwhile, in Charlotte, most of the signs said, “Keep American Airlines jobs American.”

The next negotiations between American Airlines and its mechanics’ union is on April 3 in Washington, DC at a neutral location, according to the union.

“It is time for every Association represented member to make American Airlines understand that they must get serious at the table to finish these negotiations,” the union stated.


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