Now, SEIU Is Protesting To Demand McDonald’s Lobby FOR Minimum Wage Hike


Barely a week has gone by since McDonald’s threw in the towel on fighting minimum wage hikes at the “federal, state, or local level.”

Now, not happy enough that McDonald’s has stopped fighting wage hikes, the SEIU is planning more protests against the fast-food giant.

This time, however, the SEIU is planning to protest to demand that McDonald’s lobby FOR minimum wage hikes, according to Politico.

Workers at McDonald’s locations across the country, judging the fast-food giant’s decision last week to halt lobbying against minimum wage hikes to be insufficient, will protest tomorrow during the lunchtime rush in nearly a dozen cities.

At rallies organized by the SEIU-backed Fight for $15 in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, St. Louis and other cities, workers will call on the fast food giant to lobby for minimum wage increases.

Apparently, the SEIU has extra money left over in its protest budget.



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