She Beat A Kid And Was Fired. Now, The Ex-AFSCME Boss Has Been Charged With Embezzlement


A former AFSCME boss who pled guilty to battery of a 14-year old girl on a school bus has just been charged with stealing from her former union.

INDIANAPOLIS, MO—In 2015, Charlotte McDaniel pled guilty to misdemeanor battery after hitting a 14-year old student with a broom handle during a brawl on an Indianapolis Public Schools bus in 2014.

“The 14-year-old who was involved in the fight told police that McDaniel was yelling at another student when the 14-year-old stood up behind the driver’s seat and called McDaniel a derogatory name,” reported the Indy Star in 2015.

The 14-year-old tried to get out of her seat when the bus stopped, court documents said. McDaniel responded by trying to push the girl back into her seat.

The girl then punched McDaniel in the head multiple times, police said. Blows were exchanged, and both combatants fell into one of the seats.

At some point, the girl stopped fighting, police said. That is when McDaniel struck her with a broom handle and pushed her down into her seat.

“The girl said once she was down, McDaniel continued to punch her and hold her down until police arrived,” according to the IndyStar.

After police arrived, the girl was transported to a hospital with “concussion-like symptoms and a broken nose.”

However, that was not the end of her legal problems apparently.

“On March 15, Charlotte McDaniel, former secretary-treasurer of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3826, was indicted in Marion County, Indiana Superior Court on three counts of theft from the Indianapolis union in a sum of between $750 and $50,000,” reports the National Legal & Policy Center’s Carl Horowitz.

It would appear that Ms. McDaniel has another date before a judge soon.



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