Did Kaiser RNs In SoCal Just Vote To Decertify The SEIU?

Image Credit: SEIU 121 RN on Facebook

MORENO VALLEY, CA—Although the final election results may not become known for a while, it appears that a majority of registered nurses who work at a Kaiser Permanente facility in Moreno Valley, California have voted to decertify the Service Employees International Union (or SEIU).

According to election results posted on the National Labor Relations Board’s website, the NLRB conducted a decertification election at the Kaiser facility on March 29th.

Of the ballots that were counted, 120 RNs voted to decertify the SEIU, while 111 voted to retain the SEIU.

However, there are 37 ballots that were challenged by one or both parties and not counted.

Those ballots could effect the final outcome of the election.

For example, if the union challenged the ballots, then it is possible the SEIU will have become officially decertified.

If, on the other hand, Kaiser challenged the ballots and they are pro-SEIU votes, that could tip the election outcome back toward the SEIU.

By sheer coincidence, the decertification election occurred one day after Kaiser announced that it would resume negotiations with the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions—a coalition of 11 unions, including the SEIU, which represents 85,000 Kaiser employees.

When the final election results are determined, this story will be updated.


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