UFCW Employees Voted Unanimously To Decertify Their Union

Image credit: United Food & Commercial Workers

It would appear that, from now on, the UFCW agents, organizers and payroll checkers working for the UFCW in Pennsylvania will be union-free.

PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA—In one of the great ironies of labor unions, a group of “business representatives, organizers and payroll checkers” employed by the United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 1776KS in Pennsylvania, just voted unanimously to decertify their union.

Throughout the state of Pennsylvania, the UFCW represents workers in food processing, manufacturing, nursing homes, as well as at grocery stores such as Acme, ShopRite, Giant Eagle, Kroger, FreshGrocer, and at PA Wine & Spirits.

A map of various UFCW-represented employers throughout Pennsylvania. Image credit: UFCW Local 1776

However, in an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board in March, the UFCW’s own employees voted (rather decisively) not to be unionized.

“In these times, when so many hard working people are fighting for living wages and working many jobs to support their family,” states the UFCW on one of its flyers [in PDF], “it is more important than ever to speak with your dollars and support good union workplaces that treat workers right, pay a living wage, and create safe working conditions. Supporting unions now helps to create a better life for future generations.”

Apparently, that statement does not apply to employees of the UFCW?

Now, that’s ironic.

Image credit: National Labor Relations Board screenshot


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