2,500 Sacramento Teachers To Engage In One-Day Strike

Image credit: Sacramento Bee

Riding a wave of similar strikes throughout the country, teachers in Sacramento will be conducting a one-day strike on Thursday.

SACRAMENTO, CA—Public school teachers employed by the Sacramento City Unified School District will be conducting a one-day strike on Thursday to protest what they claim are unfair labor practices and what they claim is the district’s failing to honor their 2017 contract, according to the Sacramento Bee.

The union believes the agreement said the district would direct savings from the teachers’ lower quality health plan strictly toward improving schools by reducing class sizes and funding more health workers and counselors. Administrators want to use the savings to address the district’s $35 million deficit before improving student services.

Alex Barrios, a district spokesman, stated that schools will not be closed. Classes will be appropriately staffed, meals will be served, and kids will be picked up on normal bus routes.

Charter schools, which are not unionized, will not be affected by the strike.


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