Like Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Pledges To Ban Right-To-Work States

Sens. Bernie Sanders [I-VT] (L) and Elizabeth Warren [D-MA] (R) . Image credit: Politico

Sen. Elizabeth Warren [D-MA], a supporter of Bernie Sanders’ Workplace Democracy Act, supports ending Right-to-Work states.

This week, the North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) held its legislative conference in Washington, D.C.

Among the mostly-Democrat guest speakers were a number of the party’s presidential-primary candidates, each of whom were there to pay homage to unions.

A list of speakers at the 2019 NABTU Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. Image credit:

Of those speakers, Elizabeth Warren had the most enthusiastic response from the union delegates—including a standing ovation when she spoke about protecting union pensions.

Warren also told delegates that, were she to become President, she would ban Right-to-Work states.

“We need to rebuild unions in this country, Elizabeth Warren tweeted. “That’s why I’ve proposed a new law banning states from passing so-called right to work laws that destroy labor unions. It will make sure that unions have a front-and-center seat at the table in any trade negotiation.”

Warren, as well as several other presidential-primary candidates, is a supporter of Bernie Sanders’ misleadingly-named Workplace Democracy Act which would, among other things, ban Right-to-Work laws in all 50 states.


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