Trump Visits Operating Engineers Union Hall, Rolls Back Regulations On Energy Industry

President Donald J. Trump speaking to the International Union of Operating Engineers in Crosby, TX on April 10, 2010.

President Donald Trump visited an Operating Engineers union hall in Texas to sign an executive order rolling back back regulations on the oil and gas industry.

CROSBY, TX—President Donald Trump visited Crosby, Texas on Wednesday where he spoke to a crowded union hall full of International Union of Operating Engineers members and press.

While there, the President signed two Executive Orders to streamline Federal processes surrounding energy infrastructure development “to address regional and local energy supply constraints and to promote an efficient energy market,” according to the White House.

One of the Executive Orders is designed to streamline the issuance of permits regarding facilities and land transportation crossing at the U.S. borders.

“Over the course of several decades, executive actions, Federal regulations, and policies of executive departments and agencies (agencies) related to the process of reviewing applications for Presidential permits, and issuing or denying such permits, have unnecessarily complicated the Presidential permitting process,” the Executive Order reads, “thereby hindering the economic development of the United States and undermining the efforts of the United States to foster goodwill and mutually productive economic exchanges with its neighboring countries.”

The other Executive Order that President Trump signed is designed to “promote efficient
permitting processes and reduce regulatory uncertainties that currently make energy infrastructure projects expensive and that discourage new investment.”

“The new executive order represents a shot from the White House in the ongoing battle between beltway Republicans and Democratic governors opposed to fossil fuel developments in their states,” according to CNBC.


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