Feds Eye Teamster Payments To Illinois Legislator

Image credit: Thomas Cullerton campaign website.

The ongoing corruption investigation into the Chicago Teamsters’ Joint Council 25 just expanded into the Illinois legislature.

CHICAGO, IL—As part of its ongoing criminal investigation into Teamsters Joint Council 25, federal investigators have reportedly subpoenaed records regarding Illinois legislator Thomas Cullerton [D-Villa Park]

Cullerton, who is now chairman of the Senate Labor Committee and was first elected to the Illinois Senate in 2012, received income from Joint Council 25 as an “organizer” from 2013 through 2015.

The subpoena, issued in early February with the Illinois Senate, sought Cullerton’s personnel file as well as records regarding his legislative attendance; reimbursements for travel, lodging, meals, cell phone and vehicle allowances; and “all emails to and from” the senator between Feb. 1, 2013, and March 31, 2016, according to WBEZ.org.

Cullerton, according to his campaign website, is a former route salesman for Hostess Brands and a “proud union man.”

“Teamsters Joint Council 25 has come under scrutiny after a sprawling criminal investigation yielded a 13-count extortion and tax fraud indictment in 2017 against its politically connected former president, John Coli Sr., who headed the organization from 2002 to 2017,” notes WBEZ.org

Thus far, Cullerton has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

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  1. The damage of union labors reputation, the destruction and reduction of the nations middle class as a whole, middle class wages, benefits such as no cost union member healthcare and retirement pension plans, an the flow of disposable cash circulating from large corporate and wealthy employer wealth to small local business in the community that helps in the sustainment of local economic conditions. These traitors have betrayed America as a whole. It appears as corruption but is a collaboration of Communist infiltration into US labor unions so to destabilize and destroy good contracts for a strong and plentiful middle class which is necessary to protect the nation from economic and/or financial collapse which is necessary for totaltitarian Government to rise out of chaos and disorder. Also race or political party divide which can easily lead to civil war in a heavily armed society that can have access to cheap affordable assault rifles in the hands of whomever can afford to purchase. Out of Chaos can rise a new order!!!
    During the cold war, It was illegal for fascist, NAZI or communist to run for official or union representative. Google search “Walter Reuther anti communist,” see how he faught and purge communist supporters and sympathisers from the US labor unions, keeping them suppressed. Nobody done this since he died in 1970.
    That’s because the Communists have taken labor unions over and this is why it is Currupt communism that is destroying America from within!!!


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