UFCW STRIKE UPDATES, DAY 2: What Stop & Shop Says About Its Offer & More Updates

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UFCW STRIKE DAY TWO: The following are updates regarding the UFCW strike involving 31,000 UFCW members in New England against grocery retailer Stop & Shop.

For #StopAndShop Strike Updates, Visit: Ongoing Coverage of the UFCW Strike Against Stop & Shop

UPDATE #2: A seemingly festive atmosphere on the picket lines as UFCW locals post pictures of smiling strikers.

UPDATE #1: On Thursday, the company issued a statement regarding its position.

The Facts about Stop & Shop’s Offer for Fair New Contracts

Stop & Shop is working hard on a fair new contract with the five UFCW New England-area local unions, and we wanted to make sure you have the facts:

Stop & Shop is offering pay increases for all associates.

  •   Stop & Shop’s wage package would make this among the best UFCW retail contracts in the country.
  •   The offer includes no changes to Sunday time-and-a-half premiums for full-time associates; current part-time associates would keep their current Sunday premium dollar amounts.

Stop & Shop continues to offer excellent health care coverage.

  •   Health plan deductibles would not change – and already are well below average.
  •   Associates’ share of health care premiums would remain well below national averages and increase only $2.00 to $4.00 per week each year.

Stop & Shop continues to offer a defined benefit pension for all associates.

  •   All existing, vested pension benefits continue.
  •   Company pension fund contributions would increase – at no cost to associates.

No changes in paid time off or holidays for current associates.

Stop & Shop is deeply committed to its associates. We are the last remaining large fully unionized retail grocery employer in New England and employ more than 31,000 associates in our stores with some of the local industry’s highest wages and best benefits.

As we have been for more than 100 years, Stop & Shop remains committed to providing fair and competitive compensation for our associates AND great value and service for our customers.

We encourage you to read our full offers and see for yourself at the links below.

For a downloadable version of these facts, click here.


  1. When Market Basket employees went on strike our small business located in plazas near Market Basket were very supportive. We provided them discounted services and dropped off water. Unfortunately the onsite supervisor of the Framingham site does not have the employees organized. My clients for my small business either cant get to my business because the main entrance to the plaza is blocked or they are getting harassed just trying to get to a larking spot to be serviced by our business. We are down 40% the last 3 days and my employees count on clients for their income. We have opened our bathroom facility to Stop and Shop employees only to have one claim they fell and know I am looking at a lawsuit. Get your act together and be respectful of your co tenants who are more than happy to support you. In Framingham it feels like there is a selfish attitude and that does not play well.

  2. If the employees of Stop and Shop “truly believe we, the customers will come back and shop at Stop and Shop after this strike is over”, they need to re-think this, we’re going to other markets, we’re upset that this strike is in its second week and no one (not the employees nor management) is trying to reach a compromise and that is what needs to happen, sit down and reach a compromise, no side is going to get 100 percent of what they want, but they can reach a compromise and get some of what they want, it seems like management is willing to negotiate and compromise THE EMPLOYEES ARE NOT. This strike is beginning to remind me of when our president shut down the government.


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