Government Unions Have Donated Nearly $1.5 Billion To Democrats

From R-L: Reps. James Clyburn [D-SC], Nancy Pelosi [D-CA] and Steny Hoyer [D-PA]. Image credit: Google

Government unions have spent nearly $1.5 billion on Democrats over the last 20 years.

A new website launched by the Center for Union Facts (CUF) exposes 20 years worth of massive political spending by public-sector unions.

The website,, has a large amount of data that “includes over 385,000 political contributions from nearly 5,000 labor unions,” according to a CUF release.

Top 10 Government Union Spenders

Top 10 Government Union Spenders. Source:

“Unlike most private unions, public-sector unions are not currently required to file financial disclosures with the Labor Department,” according to CUF.

“The site also highlights the disproportionate amount of member dues unions have sent to Democratic causes over the last 20 years,” CUF notes. “Of the $1.5 billion that was sent directly to Republicans or Democrats, 90 percent went to Democrats with only 10 percent going to Republicans.”

Top 10 Recipients of Government Union Money
Top 10 Recipients of Government Union Donations. Source:

As the CUF notes, only public-sector union data is presented. Some union locals are affiliated with a national union whose federal spending is not included in the data.

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