‘The Irishman’ — Joe Biden’s History With A Teamster Boss & Mafia Hitman

Then-Vice President Joe Biden speaking at the 2011 Teamsters Convention in Las Vegas. Image Credit: Teamsters.org

Former Vice President Joe Biden has a long, friendly, and somewhat dark history with the Teamsters.

Perhaps it is fitting that former Vice President Joe Biden’s first campaign stop after he announces his presidential run will be at a Teamsters’ union hall in Pittsburgh.

After all, it could be said that, were it not for the Teamsters, there would be no Joe Biden 2020 campaign.

Reportedly, it was the Teamsters—or, more accurately, a mafia hitman named Frank Sheeran who also happened to be the president of Teamsters local 326 in Delaware—who helped make Joe Biden a U.S. senator.

“In the fascinating biography of Teamsters and Mafia hit-man Frank Sheeran, “I Heard You Paint Houses,” the lifelong thug describes a favor he performed while he was president of Teamsters Local 326 in Wilmington, Delaware.”

“In 1972 Sheeran received a visit from ‘a very prominent lawyer’ he knew who was “very big in the Democratic Party” in Delaware. The November general election was approaching, and the race for the U.S. Senate seat held by a Republican was expected to be close. The lawyer wanted help in preventing the distribution of a paid Republican political ad – an insert in the Delaware-wide newspapers – that would run for a week and expose the campaign misrepresentations by the Democratic challenger. Sheeran promised the operative that he ‘would hire some people and put them on the picket line.’ He added, ‘People nobody would mess with.'”

“The picket line went up, the papers were not delivered all week, and, as Sheeran said, ‘The day after the election the informational picket line came down, and the newspaper went back to normal and Delaware had a new United States Senator.’ His name was Joe Biden. Thereafter, said admitted extortionist, thief and murderer Sheeran, of Biden, ‘You could reach out for him, and he would listen.'”

Sheeran’s story “I Heard You Paint Houses“—which is about the 1975 slaying of Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa—has been made into a movie called ‘The Irishman.’

‘The Irishman’ stars Robert De Niro as Sheeran, Al Pacino as Hoffa, and it is directed by Martin Scorsese.

Al Pacino [L] as Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa and Rober De Niro [R] as mafia hitman and Teamster local 326 president Frank Sheeran on the set of ‘The Irishman.’

Joe Pesci will play crime boss Russell Bufalino, who was from the Scranton, PA area—where Biden is originally from (although his family moved to Delaware when he was 10).

The Irishman is due to come out sometime in the Fall of 2019, according to Radio Times.

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