Biden “Welcomes” Campaign Staff Unionizing, But Thinks It’s Unnecessary


Democrat candidates extol the virtues of unions on the campaign trail but seem to prefer to keep them away from their own campaign staffs.

On the one hand, although the staff of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is not unionized, Joe Biden would “welcome it” should they choose to unionize.

On the other hand, like many employers across the country, the Biden campaign does not think a union is necessary.

“We are confident that the work environment, pay and benefits will meet the standards that a union would normally have to bargain for,” said Biden spokesman TJ Ducklo told the Associated Press. “But, of course, if staff decided they wanted to unionize, the vice president would welcome it.”

While most of the Democratic presidential candidates are out extolling the virtues of unions on the campaign trail, with the exception of Bernie Sanders (whose staff unionized with the United food & Commercial Workers earlier this year), “in lieu of brokering a union deal with their campaign staffs,” many have offered their campaign staffer the benefits they’ve promised American workers, reports the Associated Press.

Yet, the Guild claims to have only won collective bargaining agreements for “workers from 25 campaigns, 3 state party coordinated campaigns, and 2 organizations.”

This means that, among all of the Presidential, House, Senate and, as well, state races, there are (literally) hundreds of Democrat party campaigns that extolling the virtues of unionization—without actually being unionized themselves.

“Pro-labor candidates must hire unionized organizers,” states the Campaign Workers Guild, “if they don’t, they’re not pro-labor.”



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