Accused of “Union Busting,” SEIU Presents Unionized Staff Its Final Offer


According to its staff union, “SEIU bosses have engaged in a prolonged union-busting campaign.” Now, the SEIU has presented its ‘last, best, and final offer’ to its staff union.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The standoff between the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and its unionized staff may soon be coming to a head.

After months of negotiations between the SEIU and the union that represents its union staff at the SEIU headquarters in Washington, the SEIU issued a press release stating that it had presented the OPEIU bargaining committee its “last, best, and final offer.”

“Today, we issued a revised last, best, and final offer to OPEIU Local 2 which includes improvements to the contract that were discussed in mediation,” SEIU spokeswoman Sahar Wali stated. “It is our hope that OPEIU Local 2 will fully present this offer to its members, and that Local 2 members will, if given the opportunity, move to ratify this contract.”

Then, the SEIU spokeswoman goes on to seemingly infer that, if the contract offer is rejected, the SEIU is ready to move forward by either implementing the terms of the SEIU offer, or having a labor dispute.

“The very nature of this give-and-take process means that there will be times when bargaining may not result in an agreement, especially when what we see as best for our members does not match certain demands made by unionized staff.” — SEIU spokeswoman Sahar Wali

Earlier this Spring, the OPEIU staff that works at the SEIU headquarters at authorized their union to call them out on strike if negotiations failed.

“Unfortunately, what SEIU tells the public and its members about union values contrasts sharply to its behavior toward its union workers. At our office, SEIU bosses have engaged in a prolonged union-busting campaign, even while bargaining a collective agreement with its union staff,” David Hoskins, OPEIU chief shop steward stated earlier this year.

Now, with its “last, best, and final offer” on the table, if OPEIU members reject it, it will be interesting to watch the SEIU’s behavior towards its unionized staff.

Stay tuned.



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