80 Teamsters Strike MN Warehouses Over Health Benefits

Teamsters walking the picket line. Image credit: Teamster Local 120 Facebook Page

MINNEAPOLIS, MN—Eighty Teamsters went out on strike Wednesday at seven Murphy Warehouse Company locations across the Twin City region to protest what the union claims are “unfair labor practices.”

According to a Teamsters press release, the primary issue is healthcare costs.

The company’s proposal nearly triples employee healthcare costs “even though the overall cost for the health plan went down more than 4 percent this year.”

According to the union’s Facebook page, there were at least two incidences on the first day of the strike.

In the first incident, the Teamsters claim a Murphy Vice President “resorted to screaming homophobic slurs at picketers.”

In the second incident, the Teamsters claim a driver from a trucking company “nearly killed four picketing Teamsters and Murphy didn’t even send him away.”

Apparently, police were called in the second incident.

Murphy Warehouse Company operates 15 facilities in Minnesota and Missouri with about 3 million square feet and employs approximately 180 people, according to the company’s website.


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