Here Are The Instructions For Chauffeurs Who Drive AFL-CIO Union Bosses

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Drivers chosen to chauffeur AFL-CIO executives are told it is an “honor” and ” you should be proud you have been chosen.”

It is no secret that union leaders often enjoy as many, and sometimes more, perks than their corporate counterparts.

From union-owned cars and SUVs, private jets and golf courses to numerous assistants, many union bosses may, in fact, seem more like corporate bosses than labor union leaders.

A case in point, at the AFL-CIO (the nation’s largest federation of unions), union executives get driven around to events by union ‘chauffeurs.’

The chauffeurs who drive AFL-CIO executives—(preferably) in large SUVs—should feel “proud” to have been “chosen” to drive federation officials to and from events, according to a memo leaked to Hamilton Nolan, a union writer with Splinter News.

“Congratulations! You have been given the assignment to drive one of the AFL-CIO officers. This is an honor and you should be proud you have been chosen. The key to the success of this mission is preparation. Truly, the majority of the work of this detail is completed prior to the officer’s arrival.”

Attached to the memo is a checklist that shows the details to which AFL-CIO “drivers” are expected to adhere to when driving union executives around.

Source: Splinter News

In addition to the checklist, Splinter News acquired the dietary needs that AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka requires while he is traveling.

Source: Splinter News

As Nolan writes, “And that is how you chauffeur the leader of the working class.”


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