SEIU Local Accused of Threatening, Interrogating Its Own Staff


As a strike against the SEIU’s headquarters by its own staff is being considered, a California local faces charges for threatening its employees.

SAN DIEGO, CA—As unionized staff working for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Washington, D.C., contemplate going out on strike, a local chapter of the SEIU in San Diego is facing charges for allegedly making “coercive statements” to its own staff.

According charges posted on the National Labor Relations Board website. the coercive statements include “threats,” as well as “promises of benefits.”

The SEIU is also accused of interrogation of its staff.

SEIU Local 221, according to its website, represents “San Diego County employees, employees in cities across San Diego & Imperial Counties, Head Start employees, school employees, and Court Reporters.”

Although the charges against the SEIU were filed on Wednesday by the Pacific Northwest Staff Union—a union that represents workers who work for other unions—it is unclear whether the SEIU’s local staff is currently unionized, or whether it is in the process of deciding to unionize.

At this point, the NLRB will open an investigation into the charges and, if warranted, may conduct hearings.

Source: Screenshot of National Labor Relations Board Website Case 21-CA-242318


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