The UAW’s Strike At GM Could Cost Union $12.5 Million Per Week In Strike Pay Alone

Image Credit: Eric Seals via Twitter

If the UAW’s strike against General Motors lasts more than a week, the union could spend tens of millions per week on strike pay.

If the United Auto Workers’ (UAW) nationwide strike against General Motors lasts more than seven days, it could cost the union nearly $2.5 million per day, and over $12.5 million per week.

The reason is, according to the union, the UAW pays strikers $50 per day, Monday through Friday, each day they are on strike—beginning on the eighth day.

However, according to the union, in order to be eligible for strike pay and benefits, members must be:

  • In good standing (current on dues and initiation fees, if any) on the day before the strike starts
  • On active pay roll at start of strike: members laid off, on workers compensation or receiving sick and accident benefits are not eligible
  • Member must participate in the strike: picket assignments, strike committee, etc.

The $250 weekly strike pay is not all the UAW says it will pay, however.

According to the union, the UAW will also pay for “certain benefits such as medical and prescription drugs.”

Dental, vision, hearing and sick and accident benefits are not covered, however.

If the UAW does pay for “certain benefits” of strikers, dependent on the actual costs, the UAW’s costs for benefits could be almost double the amount it pays for strike pay.

Earlier this year, the UAW reported that it had over $721 million in its strike and defense fund.

This means that the UAW could strike GM for many months before its funds are depleted.



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