Joe Biden: I Walked A Picket Line [At A Strike That NEVER Happened]


Aspiring presidential candidate Joe “Corn Pop” Biden has been telling a lot of tall tales. Here’s his latest…

Democrat presidential primary candidate Joe Biden has shown a more-than-usual propensity for bumbling and fumbling lately and it is causing some consternation among liberal Democrats who view Biden as the presumed front-runner in 2020.

On Monday, for example, a year-old video surfaced of Biden talking about his days as a lifeguard confronting a “bad dude” named “Corn Pop.”

The video went viral and created a media stir.

However, that was not his most recent gaffe.

His latest gaffe occurred on Tuesday, as he spoke at an AFL-CIO confab in Philadelphia.

Biden, touting his pro-union bona fides, spoke about walking a picket line during a Rite Aid strike in Boston…except there was no Rite Aid strike in Boston.

Here’s how the Boston Herald explains it:

The presidential front-runner was speaking at an AFL-CIO event in Philadelphia Tuesday when he recounted visiting Boston last April to address the Stop & Shop workers’ strike — except he called it the “Rite Aid strike.”

“When I went up to the — there was the Rite Aid strike. I looked out in that parking lot when I was talking with the folks and I was walking a picket line up in Boston,” Biden said. “And what happened? I looked out there and I’ll bet you 40% of the people there were non-union.”

As the Herald notes: “The mix-up was the latest in a string of campaign-trail bloopers large and small that have dogged the 76-year-old former vice president, raising questions of his mental fitness and prompting an attack from low-polling rival Julián Castro in last week’s debate.”



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