Up In Smoke: Corrupt UAW Officials Spent $60,000 Of Members’ Dues On Cigars


Federal investigators reveal some of the details on UAW leaders’ embezzlement and misuse of union funds.

As more details emerge on the level of UAW bosses’ alleged corruption, in a story regarding last month’s FBI raid on former UAW president Dennis Williams’ California home, the Detroit News provided some details on how union bosses misused members’ dues.

Last month, the FBI raided the homes of current UAW president Gary Jones, as well as the homes of retired Dennis Williams.


As a follow-up story on the raids this week, the Detroit News stated that both Gary Jones and Dennis Williams are both “unnamed officials” who helped “orchestrate the years-long conspiracy and spending UAW funds on personal luxuries.”

“The personal luxuries included more than $1 million of member dues spent on poolside villas in Palm Springs, 107 rounds of golf, $400 bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne and more than $60,000 worth of cigars, humidors and accessories, according to the government,” reported the Detroit News.

In addition, union members allegedly spent $400,000 to rent and clean private villas, $120,000 on golf outings, and $50,000 on two parties for the union’s governing body, reports the Washington Free Beacon.



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