UAW Strikers Eligible To $2.5 Million Per Day Today, But Won’t See the Money Until Next Week

Image Credit: Samantha Horton/IPB News via WFYI Indianapolis

The strike against General Motors is about to get very expensive for the UAW—but workers won’t collect money until next week.

With 49,000 out on strike since last Sunday, the United Auto Workers’ nationwide strike against General Motors is about to get very expensive for the UAW.

According to the UAW’s Strike FAQ page, the eighth day of a strike is when UAW strikers become eligible to collect $50 in strike pay. However, that money won’t be collected by strikers until next week.

“Weekly strike pay is $250 per week ($50 per day, Mon-Fri, beginning on the 8th day),” the union states on its website.

However, the UAW also states that although eligibility for weekly benefits on the 8th day of a strike, “strike assistance pay is available after the 15th day of the strike.”

Of course, there are some provisos according to the UAW.

“To be eligible for strike pay and benefits, members must be:

  • In good standing (current on dues and initiation fees, if any) on the day before the strike starts
  • On active pay roll at start of strike: members laid off, on workers compensation or receiving sick and accident benefits are not eligible
  • Member must participate in the strike: picket assignments, strike committee, etc.”

Additionally, as GM has already discontinued funding the UAW strikers’ health insurance, the UAW UAW states that it will pick up strikers’ COBRA payments for their health care insurance.

Once that happens, if the COBRA payments are $1000 per month, the UAW could end up spending another $49 million on strikers’ health insurance—if the strike lasts that long.



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