Ex-UAW Boss Resigns Union Membership To Avoid UAW Trial


Gary Jones, the UAW president who resigned last month also just resigned his membership to avoid being put on trial by the UAW.

Gary Jones, the (allegedly) corrupt former president of the United Auto Workers who is under federal investigation for stealing and misusing union members dues money, resigned his union membership on Friday, reported the Detroit News.

Jones had resigned his role as UAW president two weeks ago as it became known that the unions executive bard was seeking his ouster.

His resignation from union membership now allows Jones to escape prosecution from the UAW.

The resignation of his membership comes after Jones stepped down as president of the UAW in an unprecedented move last week. His resignation from the presidency came shortly after the union’s executive board filed charges under Article 30 of the UAW constitution against him in an effort to remove Jones, claiming he misused union funds on luxuries in California.

Dropping his UAW membership allows Jones to avoid a trial before UAW members next week, union spokesman Brian Rothenberg confirmed.

“The UAW announced that Gary Jones has sent his resignation from membership in the union,” the UAW stated in a brief statement on its website.

“Jones had faced internal UAW Article 30 charges that would have removed him from office and from his membership” the union stated He had previously resigned his office as President.”



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