Sexual Harassment Complaint Filed Against Scandal-Plagued UAW


With 13 high-ranking officials already convicted of corruption, the scandal-plagued United Auto Workers faces news allegations—this time, of sexual harassment.

As an international representative, Patricia Morris-Gibson worked for the United Auto Workers for 22 years.

During that time, according to a lawsuit filed against the UAW, as well as high-ranking officers Miguel Foster, George Hardy and Gerald Kareem, she was subjected to unwelcome sexual advances and offensive conduct, discrimination as well as being threatened with demotion.

The lawsuit includes allegations that Morris-Gibson’s supervisor, Assistant Director Miguel Foster, “asked plaintiff to sleep with him” during a Coalition of Black Trade Unionists convention in Atlanta, Ga.

The lawsuit also claims that the alleged instances of sexual harassment weren’t investigated by the UAW until April 2019, which was six months after George Hardy, the UAW’s Assistant Director of Independent Part Suppliers, was made aware, according to

Morris-Gibson is seeking upwards of $75,000 in the lawsuit.

“The lawsuit coincides with an ongoing federal corruption investigation involving the UAW that has led to the convictions of 13 people and exposed the union to possible takeover by the federal government,” noted the Detroit News. “Former UAW President Gary Jones is expected to plead guilty next week to racketeering and embezzlement charges.”

Read the Complaint:

UAW Complaint by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Detroit on Scribd


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