Hypocritical Teachers’ Union Boss Apologizes Following Backlash For Posting ‘Insensitive’ Vacation Pic From Puerto Rico


Sarah Chambers, one of the Marxist leaders of the Chicago Teachers Union who faced an intense backlash after urging teachers to refuse to return to class while vacationing in Puerto Rico, has apologized.

Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) Vice President Sarah Chambers (who was part of the ‘Useful Idiot’ Delegation to Venezuela in 2019) created an intense backlash last week after posting a picture of herself vacationing in Puerto Rico hours after urging her union members to refuse to go back to the classroom.

From last week:

Chambers, deservedly so, received a thrashing online.

Now, however, Chambers is apologizing for her ‘insensitive’ post (via WGN9):

“The Chicago Teachers Union leader who faced national outrage and ridicule for claiming it’s unsafe to return to school buildings while vacationing in Puerto Rico appears to be apologizing.

Sarah Chambers, who is a CTU area vice president and member of the union’s executive board, faced local and national backlash after WGN Investigates first reported the story Dec. 31.”

“On Twitter, she urged teachers to refuse to return to classroom while on the same day on Instagram she posted pool pictures and talked of getting seafood in Old San Juan.

“’I understand that it was insensitive and wrong of me to go on this trip for winter break and for me to share photos of it at a time when thousands of my union sisters and brothers – and the families we serve – are refraining from travel or making only essential plans outside of the home,’ read a post purported to be from Sarah Chambers on an educators forum on Facebook. ‘I deeply regret my actions and I fully understand why many are upset,” the post read.'”

While many expressed online outrage at Chambers tone-deaf hypocrisy, others had a different perspective.

As Patch.com writer Mark Konkol notes, Chambers “should be hailed as a hero for giving Chicagoans another reminder that the teachers union leaders remain a group of out-of-touch phonies and hypocrites using the coronavirus crisis to gain political might.”

Suffice it to say, Chambers’ has deleted her Twitter account. As a result, her future escapades may be well hidden from public scrutiny.


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