Union Bosses’ Push To End Filibuster Will Allow Democrats To Pass Gun Control, Other Marxist Measures

AFL-CIO Boss Richard Trumka

Unions and their Democrat allies have an ambitious agenda to expand government powers over nearly every facet of American life and the only thing holding them back at the moment is the Senate filibuster. They want it to end.

With their legislative agenda in Washington, DC uncertain, U.S. labor leaders are calling on Democrats in the Senate to end the filibuster.

If they succeed, it will give the Democrats’ stakeholders—from unions and their Marxist allies to gun control advocates—the ability to enact their agenda unchecked.

“The AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest federation of unions, called on Democrats Thursday to reform the filibuster, the Senate rule standing in the way of enactment of some of their top priorities for the Biden administration,” reported Politico on Thursday.

Claiming the Senate filibuster is “white supremacy,” unions main objective to end the filibuster is to pass the pro-union “PRO Act.”

“The very survival of our democratic republic is at stake. And standing in its way is an archaic Senate procedure that allows the minority to block the majority—the filibuster,” the AFL-CIO’s executive board said in a statement. “An artifact of Jim Crow. A creature of white supremacy. A procedure that was said to encourage robust debate but has turned into an instrument of government paralysis.”

If unions do succeed in getting Democrats to end the filibuster, they will succeed in helping other Democrat stakeholders get their agendas enacted into law as well.

These agendas include (but are not limited to):

  • The Green New Deal
  • Gun Control
  • Universal Health Care
  • Immigration Reform and Open Borders

While union bosses may appear to be singularly focused on passage of their “PRO Act,” if successful in getting Democrats to end the filibuster, it will have much wider ramifications for the country as a whole.



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