Teamsters Decertified After They ‘Disappeared’ From Newly-Unionized Workers

Drivers of KWK Trucking after voting to unionize in 2019. Source: Teamsters Local 986 Twitter feed

Shortly after winning the right to represent workers at a small trucking company, the Teamsters abandoned the workers. Now, the union has been decertified.

A mere two years ago, the Teamster boasted of their victory in getting the workers of KWK Trucking in Santa Ana, California to unionize in an ‘overwhelming’ 83-23 victory.

Not long after that, according to KWK employees Elisea Haro, the union essentially abandoned the employees.

Now, the union is gone, reports Freightwaves.

After having voted to be represented by Teamsters Local 986 in 2019, workers at KWK Trucking in the Los Angeles area were able to decertify the union after a petition effort reportedly obtained roughly 80% of the signatures of the workers at the company.

The National Right to Work Committee aided the effort to decertify the union. In its statement regarding the decertification, the organization — which often engages in efforts to oppose unions in a variety of settings — said a Trump administration change in the rule allowed the process to work itself out quickly.

The petition drive was led by employee Elisea Haro, who was then aided by the Right to Work Committee. In a statement released to FreightWaves through that organization, Haro said of his motivation: “The union never came in to talk to us, or negotiate a contract, or represent us. They disappeared.” [Emphasis added.]

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