Union Free Radio, Ep. 12: Richard Trumka’s Successor & Vaccine Mandates

Joe Biden and Rich Trumka at a campaign rally in 2008 | Source: Politico.com
The unexpected death of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka—the first AFL-CIO president to ever plead the Fifth Amendment—comes at an interesting time for unions, as they stand at a ‘crossroads’ and grapple with vaccine mandates in the American workplace.

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka died suddenly last Thursday.

Rather than focus on Richard Trumka’s long history as a union leader, in this episode of Union Free Radio, host Peter List discusses who might replace Trumka and the “crossroads” the union movement now finds itself.

Additionally, List covers the topic of mandatory vaccines policies (aka Get Jabbed or Get Fired)—which was one of Trumka’s last public statements on the labor federation’s position—and the ramifications of unions acquiescing to mandatory vaccine policies.


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