Union Free Radio, Ep 13: SSDD—The AFL-CIO’s New President, Renaming the PRO Act & The Truth About CEO Pay

New AFL-CIO President Elizabeth Shuler | Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last week, the nation’s union bosses selected a new AFL-CIO president. For those who were hoping for a union movement that is less reliant on politics, it doesn’t appear that’s going to be happening anytime soon.

Last Friday, the AFL-CIO Executive Council—the ‘board of directors’ for the nation’s largest union federation—selected Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth Shuler to replace Richard Trumka, who died earlier this month from an apparent heart attack.

By choosing Shuler and, as well based on her first interview, the federation signaled its continuation of focusing on political outcomes, as opposed to ‘self reliance.’

In this episode of Union Free Radio, host Peter List covers Shuler’s stated direction for the union federation, as well as covers how AFL-CIO misleads the public about CEO Pay.


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