Union Free Radio, Ep. 14: When Unions Lie, Employee Free Choice Dies


Unions are legally allowed to lie to workers when unionizing them. Why?

According to National Labor Relations Board doctrine, “Employees are generally able to understand that a union cannot obtain benefits automatically by winning an election but must seek to achieve them through collective bargaining.”

With less than seven percent of U.S. workers in the private-sector unionized today, the NLRB’s age-old doctrine of allowing unions to lie to workers should be re-examined.

In this 17-minute episode of Union Free Radio, host Peter List explores the legal background of unions deceiving workers, as well as ponders the question: Instead of Congress and the NLRB looking at ways to make it easier for unions to unionize workers through deception, shouldn’t Congress should really be considering a bill to require unions to be more honest with workers?

There is a Truth in Lending Act; there are all kinds of consumer protection laws…

Why not a Truth in Union Organizing Act?


Articles and resources cited in this episode:

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