SHOCKING Video Shows UMWA Engaging In Picket Line Violence During Strike

Source: Screenshot of Youtube video

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A nearly 8-month long strike at Warrior Met Coal in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama has been marred by numerous incidents of picket line violence, including acts allegedly committed by union officials.

On Wednesday, Warrior Met Coal–a mining company in Alabama–filed for a restraining order against the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) following an “increase in violations of the existing injunction and to stop the increase in picket line violence committed by UMWA leadership and members in recent weeks.”

A nearly 8-month long strike by the United Mine Workers of America against Warrior Met Coal that began on April 1st has been marred by repeated acts of picket line violence and has reached a “dangerous new level over the last week” according to the company.

Earlier this week, the company released a video of car and truck windows being smashed that it says happened to workers attempting to cross the picket line.

The video also shows assaults being committed by union picketers, some of whom are identified as union officials.


Due to the graphic content, YouTube has placed restrictions on the viewing of this video. Click on the video to view on YouTube.

“More than 1,000 members of the UMWA began a strike against Warrior Met Coal at its Brookwood mines on April 1, calling for higher pay and benefits,” reported “Last month, the union called attention to the use of the Highway Patrol Division of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency to escort workers past the line.”

On a separate video posted by, business reporter William Thornton expanded on some of the issues contributing to the strike.

On its website, the company has numerous jobs listed for its Brookwood, AL facility.


A judge granted an injunction restricting UMWA picketers.


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