Union Free Radio, S2, E1: With “Micro Units,” Coming, the NLRB Is About To Make HR’s Job Much Harder (Again)


The NLRB is going to re-institute “Micro Units.” Here’s what you need to know…

Labor law in the United States (under the National Labor Relations Board) swings like a pendulum whenever the political party controlling the White House changes.

With the PRO Act stalled in Congress and President Biden vowing to be “the most pro-union President in American history,” his appointees at the National Labor Relations Board are working full time to fulfill his vow, signaling a host of changes that will make it more difficult for employers and their employees to remain union-free.

One such change is the likely return to “micro units.”

In this episode of Union Free Radio, host Peter List provides the definition to such labor relations concepts as “bargaining units,” “community of interest,” as well as the background to “micro units” and why they are bad for both employers and unions.


Articles and resources cited in this episode:


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