1MORE E1010 Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones Bundle. Stylish E1024BT Dual Driver Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones – Black. Forums. Comply™ Foam earphone tips custom designed exclusively for E1001 Triple Driver. Free shipping for all orders over $25. The Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones sound fantastic and are worth their price, though 1More offers a compellingly affordable alternative. Last year I reviewed 1More's Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones. The 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphone is a futuristic looking earphone but the ergonomic design and 9-sets of ear tips make this “bigger looking” earphone a nice fit. Leave this package on a coffee table, it’s that beautiful. So when the Quad-Driver In-Ear Earphones dropped, we just had to hear what 1 more driver could do. 1MORE Quad Driver Earphone 1MORE Triple Driver Earphone 1MORE Triple Driver Wireless Earphone 1MORE Dual Driver Earphone 1MORE Single Driver Earphone Drivers 4 3 3 2 1 Frequency 20-40,000 Hz 20-40,000 Hz 20-40,000 Hz 20-40,000 Hz 20-40,000 Hz Cable Wireless Comfort Super comfort with 8 sets of ear tips; 18.5 g Buy 1MORE's HiRes Certified Quad Driver Earphone In India at Best Price. In 2017, 1MORE came out with their Triple-Driver Earphones, squeezing three drivers into each earpiece for a real WOW listening experience. However, the earbuds of the Quad are larger than that of the Triple, making them a bit more noticeable in your ears. 1More Quad Driver Review In-ear Headphones (Obviously) Manual; 1More bear sticker. Quad Driver will be compared toiBasso IT01S, Shozy CP IEMs, and Final Audio E4000. 7 Days Replacement & 100% Original Product At The Audio Store The design engineers at 1MORE have packed three of our patented armature drivers into the mighty 1MORE Quad Driver … Hot. The 1More Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones come delivered in a beautiful, book-like gift box. Quick View. Pairings with HIDIZS AP80, FiiO K3, and Shanling M2x will be included as well. The 1More Quad Driver are a bit less comfortable than the Triple Drivers. Headphones are best source for listening music while travelling,running, at gym,workout, relaxing and keeping mood fresh. 1MORE Quad-Driver In-Ear Headphones Between the two headphones, the in-ear ones are much more attractive from the inside out. Despite the rather humble $169.99 MSRP, with the bundle being $199.98, you honestly get a lot in an impressive package. Choose Options. 1More Quad Driver IEMs And Stylish TWS - Two For Bass, One For Treble 1More Quad Driver is a 4-Driver IEM priced at 170 USD, while the Stylish TWS IEMs are priced at 100 USD. R 799.00. The Quad Driver from 1More is without question a perfect sound quality earphone and deserves to be the flagship of the hin-ear headphone of 1More, the four-driver works like a great engine that works for the benefits of quality sound, the mic has excellent reliability in phone calls even in noisy environments like bus, streets or metro. $8.95. 1More offers other models of wired in-ear headphones, including the Dual Driver and Quad Driver, which led me to wonder if more drivers equal better performance. Add to basket. Well, 1More thinks that you have, and the company has designed the 1More Triple-Driver Over-Ear headphones accordingly. 1More Triple-driver in-ear headphones - pushing the limits of "budget" Note: This article was first published on 7th September 2016. Their sound quality is beyond innovative, and their sound range is superb. The Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones from 1More will give you studio quality sound and immersive experiences that other high end manufacturers struggle to obtain. The most important part of getting any in-ear headphone set up is to get the right set of ear tips. 1More currently has 20 designs in its line-up, including true wireless options, triple and quad driver in-ears and gaming headphones. The 1More Quad Driver Earphone Bundle is one of a kind. The Quad Driver in-ear headphones come in a box covered by a sleeve. 1More has a winner on its hands with the Dual Driver ANC Pro Wireless In-Ear Headphones that offer great bang for the buck with Hi-Res audio, long battery life, and active noise cancelation. Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * ... You May Also Like... Quick view. Having recently reviewed the company’s triple driver earphones, Paul Rigby ramps up the technology to test 1More’s Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones When I reviewed the triple driver earphones, before I even sound tested the earphones, I reported my glee at the package design which reminded me of Japanese box art. Luxurious book style package includes 1MORE Quad Driver earphones, leather travelling case, 8 different shapes and sizes of super-soft ear tips, metal wire clip, airplane adapter, 6.3mm-3.5mm gold plated audio adapter and user manual. The Trident Bass Reflector system echoes design elements of the Sennheiser HD 820 that was unveiled this year at CES, but ends up … Luca Bignardi's touch brings alive the performance capabilities of theSingle Driver Earphones, rendering an output that is marked by its warm sincerity, refined precision and depth of colour. With so much good, are the 1More Quad Driver +Hi-Definition Bluetooth adapter worth investing in, or are there better options out there? For the best quality, sound and style please do yourself a favor and purchase a set of the Quad Drivers from 1More. Express Shipping, EMI options available. The hand-drawn design of the 1More Quad driver is nice and the all the presentation layout is great. If you’re looking for earphones which are both durable and give the best sound quality, then you’re in luck. 1MORE Quad Driver in-Ear headphones Hi-Res Earphones with MEMS Mic, Spacious Reproduction, in-Line Remote, Bass Earbuds, 3.5mm jack for … If you're looking for astounding audio at a reasonable price, these are perfect. 1MORE Triple VS 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones As we know, now a days for listening music, talking with peoples on a call for long duration we commonly used headphones. With the 1MORE Single Driver Earphones vast breadth of dynamic and frequency ranges, it takes the ear of a master to weave the experience together. For most though, the difference in audio quality over the cheaper triple drivers will be minimal, making those a much better value proposition. The quad-driver headphones come in a nice packaging including tons of accessories like a leather traveling case, an airline adapter, a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter, a shirt clip, and 9 sets of ear tips. Help and Getting Started. 1More’s Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones take multi-driver technology to a new level, with four miniaturized drivers in each earbud. 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones combine dynamic audio, supreme comfort and durability into a compact but stylish package. Super comfortable memory foam conforms to your ear for more comfort, better sound isolation, and reduced slipping! In addition to the Quad Driver Headphones, 1MORE provides a luxurious style gift packaging that also includes a faux leather traveling case, 9 different sets of ear tips, airplane adapter, ¼” adapter, and matching shirt clip. Ear tips are 10.8mm tall (.42") Base diameters: Small 10.5mm (.41") Medium 12.5mm (.49") Large 13.5mm (.53") These replacement ear tips for Xiaomi 1More Triple Driver earbuds and 1More Quad Driver earbuds are a nice upgrade! While $200 is a lot of money, in our books the 1MORE Quad Driver in-ear headphones are worth every penny. What’s inside the box? I was surprised at what this inexpensive, beautifully-made in-ear headphone could do, especially in the musical drama department. 1More replacement earbuds for Quad Driver and Triple Driver memory foam ear tips. 1More | sku: 021JB-BLKMF-222. looking for replacement tips for 1more 3 driver in ear headphones Home. Introductions, Help and Recommendations. Suffice it to say; we were in no way disappointed… The Quad-Driver In-Ear … Once opened, you will see a plethora of accessories including a leather carrying case and the 8 additional ear-tips. 1More | sku: 021C-BLKMF-222. Compare Close. 1MORE's Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones are one of the best sounding in-ears not only in their class, but several above that. these are handwritten by Grammy-winning Sound Engineer Luca Bignardi who personally tuned the final product. They're just as lightweight and also have angled drivers that don't go in as deeply into the ear canal as some of the other in-ears we've tested. Jul 13, 2016 at 1:51 PM. Thread starter mer2329; Start date Jul 13, 2016; post-12718834. The Dual Driver BT ANC In-ear headphones (otherwise known as the E1004BAs) we have on test here are a neckband design, featuring two drivers in each earbud and a proprietary noise-cancelling solution. The 1More Quad Driver does have a microphone that lets you use it as a hands-free device for voice calls, giving it a little more flexibility than typical pairs of audiophile-focused in-ear monitors. Replacement ear tips for 1More earbuds ear tips. Cutting-edge diamond-like carbon dynamic driver plus 3 fore-cavity balanced armatures deliver incredibly clear sound with all … Buy 1MORE E1010 Quad Driver in-Ear Headphones Bundle with FiiO A1 Silver Portable Headphone Amplifier, Blucoil 6-FT Headphone Extension Cable (3.5mm), and Portable Earphone Hard Case: Earbud Headphones - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Quick view. The 1More Quad Driver is almost perfectly symmetrical, with the exception of the nozzle: it is off-axis, and this in turn makes the earphones not reversible (you can’t wear the left on the right and viceversa, plus you can’t wear them upside-down to have the cable run around the ear). 1MORE’s HiFi E1010 Quad Driver Hi-Res Certified 3.5mm In-Ear Headphones deliver an audio experience second to none as one of Add to wishlist.