Place the PurCool Strip in the condensate drain pan in an area away from the drain opening. Microbials are always a factor in condensate drain pans. Clamshells: EA: 12: FLOW-PLUS-CP: Flow-Plus™ for Condensate Pumps – 6 Tablets/Clamshell: EA: 36: Product Category Catalog Pro-Treat® 151 Premium Condensate Drain Pan Treatment. Long lasting, use during the cooling season. Evaporator Water Cooler Treatment (4173-06) $34.95. Helps to prevent: -A/C drain pan overflows and sludge build up. Condensate Pan Treatment Tablets (200) $39.99. × If left untreated, condensate pans will begin to grow sludge and scum, which can in turn plug drain lines, cause overflowing and water damage, and create unpleasant odors. Model # 4296-60 UNSPSC # 47101603 Catalog Page # 3012 3012 Pan-Treat™ condensate pan tablets help prevent overflows and water damage caused by plugged drain lines in your air conditioning and refrigeration units, and help control odors. pro treat diversitech 200 pan treatment for condensate drain pans 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - PRO TREAT DIVERSITECH 200 PAN TREATMENT FOR CONDENSATE DRAIN PANS Mr … By doing this, odors reduce. $30.00. NO-SLIME STRIP provides effective long-term control of offensive odors, organic build-up, scale and corrosion deposits in the above systems. Replacement is best done by your heating and cooling contractor, as part of a regular maintenance schedule. Use in the primary drain pan of cooling units such a air conditioners and refrigerators. One tablet will treat a three-ton A/C unit for up to 6 months. In 2016, Gel-clear condensate drain tablets won the RAC Refrigeration Product of the Year, and in 2017, the HIVE Innovation Award for its unique, antimicrobial coating method of preventing biofilm in HVACR drainage. Evaporator Pan Tablets. The enzymes are natural biological disruptors that will penetrate and break through the solid layers of slime, sludge and sediment. Add To Cart. Part #: N61043. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. Regular use of Slime-Away Sticky Tabs will help to prevent drain pan overflows and … 915638-4 Condensate Pan Treatment, For Use With System Size 5 t, 5 tons Tablets, Gel Tablet. Treats 5 tons for 6 months. Number of which are often find that use. Now the best selling condensate drain treatment in the U.K., Gel-clear makes tablets for all HVAC & Refrigeration condensate drains. PurCool Condensate Pan Treatment Tablets PurCool Tablets utilize a powerful formulation to keep condensate drain pans clean and free flowing, eliminating problems caused by plugged condensate drain pans and lines. Swamp Cooler Water Treatment (4173-04) $29.95. Create Account | Log In | Contact Us. NO-SLIME STRIP is complete product for the treatment of air conditioning drain pane, dehumidifiers, computer room equipment, coolers, refrigerated vending machines, display cases and cold storage walk-ins. Will keep the condensate drain free from clogging to prevent water over flowing the pan and objectionable odors. Take HVAC pans for example. For subsequent treatment or clean condensate pans, use one Pan-Treat tablet per ton each month. Position the tablets away from the drain and where they will achieve maximum contact with dripping condensate. When this “sweating” occurs, condensation forms and dris into the drain pan known as the condensate drain pan. Buy Diversitech Condensate Pan Treatment, 20 To 50 T online at low price in India on Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Diversitech Condensate Pan Treatment Paste Flow Plus, 10 oz, for 5t - 20t System at the best online … Create Account | Log In | Contact Us. Condensate Drain Codes & Best Practices. For subsequent treatment or clean condensate pans, use one Pan-Treat tablet per ton each month. Add To Cart. C $17.43; Buy It Now +C $60.10 shipping ; From United States; SPONSORED. Call 1-800-558-2808 | Contact Us. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low All cooling units, whether air conditioners, dehumidifiers or other refrigeration equipment, extract water from the air. Orders. This simple, positive protection from each tablet formulated with the compound AT-8TM and “Inviso-GuardTM“cleans slime, scum and other accumulations in condensate pans and drain lines. PurCool Strips will not float or move in the drain pan and over time, the PurCool Strip will completely dissolve leaving no residue. They always have been, and are still the best today. - Viper Condensate Pan and Drain Treatment is a sprayable gel that contains enzymes and silicone detergents. They grow easily in condensate pans because the dark and humid conditions are perfect for their growth. Sign up for our … or Best Offer; Calculate Shipping ; From United States; 48V / LOW VOLTAGE ACS-2 Condensate Overflow Safety Switch Pan Mount 72 in. Skip to main content. Viper Condensate Pan and Drain Treatment is a sprayable gel that contains enzymes and silicone detergents. Is activated as condensate water comes in contact with the Pan Pills. Simply drop tablets in to the condensate pan and let dissolve. The silicone detergents coat the pan, p-trap and drain piping with a lubricative film to improve flow and prevent future soil adhesion. Why? Flow-Plus™ Condensate Pan Treatment DiversiTech Corporation Chemical Emergency: P 800.255.3924 6650 Sugarloaf Parkway P 678.542.3600 Duluth, GA 30097 Page 1 F 678.542.3700 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET MSDS# Flow-Plus May 2012 4 Total Pages 1. Condensate Pan Treatment Pads (2pk) HC8/1.50. Flushing the Condensate Drain … Condensate Pan Treatment Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Pro-Treat® Pan Strips kill odor causing bacteria and last up to 6 months. Drain Pan Treatments We have a couple of different long lasting drain pan treatments we recommend which become activated by moisture and kill any mold, bacteria, or yeast growing in the condensate system. Water has to flow down the drain without being stuck in small valleys on the pan surface. Add To Cart. Cash On Delivery Refrigeration Technologies RT800S - Viper Pan & Drain Treatment (1 Qt.) CHEM-TAB 180 tablets have been engineered to be a cost cutting, labor saving treatment for condensate drain pans and lines. $19.99. All air conditioning units extract water from the air by forcing warm air over an evaporator or cooling coil which causes the coil to “sweat” as part of the cooling process. Call 1-800-558-2808 | Contact Us. No drain pan overflow prevents slime build-up. Just place a few pills in the condensate pan. Orders. Nu-Calgon PurCool® Mini Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Strip in Green for All A/C Air Handlers, Fan Coil Units, Window Units, Mini Splits, Refrigeration and Condensate Drain Pans. Condensate Pan Treatment; Custom Size and Designed Filters; Custom Size Filters; Filter Frames and Filter Pads; Germicidal UV Lights and Replacement Bulbs; Leaf Guard ; 1" MERV 13 Filters ( Best ) 1" MERV 10 Filters ( Good ) 1" MERV 11 Filters ( Better ) NEW! These AC Drain Pan GEL tablets are a unique approach to air conditioner drain pan treatment. Add To Cart. They can cause dirt particles to stick together, and plug up the condensate drain lines – water then overflows onto the floor. QwikTreat Condensate Pan Treatment 100 Tablets : That you will want to help to buy allergy symptoms severe than worth it is peanut allergy symptoms, eating one that may be checked, please continue reading on the doctor, peanut products or at least comparing prices. Fleet Maintenance Supply Experts 1-800-558-2808 My Account. Repeat until system is clean. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Name: Flow-Plus™ Condensate Pan Treatment … Can also be used to … Skip to main content. Or if so, even notice a number of having their life. This is a PurCool Condensate Pan Treatment Strip. Add To Cart. Condensate that backs up and overflows can cause troublesome and expensive damage to surrounding structures. The Drain Pan Treatments we recommend are safe and biodegradable, prevent buildup & growths and keep drain pans clean, free flowing, and odor free. Destroy condensate pan sludge and scum quickly and easily with this Nu-Calgon 4296-60 Pan-Treat condensate pan treatment! Part #: N61044. Shop Talk. Flow-Plus™ Condensate Pan Treatment – 6 oz. Add To Cart. Condensate Pan Treatment, Bottle, Gel Tablet Item # 22NV26; Mfr. Dynamic Pan Treatments are installed in the condensate pan between the coil and the drain opening, at point away from the drain opening. Pro-Treat® Pan Strips control foul-smelling odors caused by mildew, fungi, bacteria, algae, and slime. leads. Condensate Pans- If the pan is noticeably fouled, it can be cleaned by using two or more Pan-Treat tablets per ton of system capacity. Clamshells. Self-Levels Condensate Pan/Drip Pan – Pancrete automatically self-levels your condensate pan, so you no longer have stagnant water areas the EPA warns. The enzymes are natural biological disruptors that will penetrate and break through the solid layers of slime, sludge and sediment. To see availability for this product, personLog In or Get Online Access $ Nu-Calgon PurCool® 3 Tons Condensate Treatment Tablet . In addition, this bacteria can also cause musty odors as well as respiratory ailments, contributing to an indoor air quality (IAQ) problem. C $48.77; or Best Offer; Calculate Shipping ; From United States; SPONSORED. What are A/C pan treatments? The polyester skid-resistant sock absorbs water and keeps the pan treatment stationary in the pan. PRODUCTS ; QUICK-ADD ; SERVICES FEATURED Order History My Lists File Import Auto-Reorder Catalog My Most Frequently … Without proper treatment, bacteria can begin to grow in the pan, clogging the drain hole and resulting in overflow. It should be stated and restated that codes and code enforcement vary from location to location within the US. Pan Pills are easy to use pills that prevent condensate drain clogging, objectionable odors, scale and corrosion. March 26, 2019 Bryan Orr 3 Comments. The IMC (International Mechanical Code) is one of the most widely utilized and referenced and the 2015 version of the IMC section 307 is what I will be referring to in this article. Humidifier Water Treatment Filter (4190-02) $29.95. 915638-7 Condensate Pan Treatment, Bottle, Gel Tablet. When it comes to Condensate Pan Treatments, Grainger's got your back. Shop Talk. Free Shipping. Stale … This condensate is collected in the condensate pan and drained away. When drain pan begins to collect condensate water, the PurCool Strip will adhere to the pan and begin to slowly dissolve and provide treatment. Use of PanPads kills this bacteria, preventing these problems. Slime-Away Sticky Tabs are a long lasting treatment (6 months), for keeping condensate drain pans & lines free of accumulations, commonly found in air A/C condensate drain pans. -Dirty drain pan and lines -Bad odors from pan Helps to improve: IAQ (Indoor Air Quality). Diversitech SCM-181-06 Flow-Plus-6 Condensate Pan Treatment 6 oz. This will assure more complete cleaning action and treatment. Fleet Maintenance Supply Experts 1-800-558-2808 My Account. Pro-Treat® 151 premium tablets penetrate and help remove sludge that can plug drain pans and drain lines and foul humidifier pans. Avoid these issues with regular maintenance, that incorporates our Pan Gel Tablets.